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Monday, October 16, 2006

Out of the office...

Just a little something for you to peruse while I am away...

Going back to see my Papa...


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Survival of the thickest...

This morning I got up early, strrrrrrrrrretched and yawwwwned.
Had my usual shower.
By the time I was fully awake I realised that nothing had changed overnight.
I still feel as if my world is caving in on me.

A million things.

So I spent half an hour searching for an appropriate YouTube theme to describe how I really feel...
Down... Out... Miserable... Head up my ass... Google...

And then I thought, Moi, Monsieur le Fataliste, that whatever happens to me in life, I may stumble, I may cry but I won't lay down and die...

You got to have faith...

...Off to Algeria to see Papa...

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

In trouble...

Somebody nicked my keyboard?

No, it's tucked away somewhere safe for the moment!
So busy at work!
Training new staff...
Who said I don't do any work?
At least twice a year... for six months at a time!!

I don't have an internet connection at home so, in the evening after work, I often play the GUITAR .

When I get sick of murdering the same tune I draw a little while drinking minted tea and munching cashew nuts.



Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's all double Dutch...

The problem with having French as my first language is that I often conjugate French verbs in English, use French words in English sentences, etc... or vice versa.

This weekend I was willing to bet money to prove I was right.
The word was notoriety. I've always thought that it meant just fame and nearly had the money on the table.
But this is what Wiktionary says:
The condition of being infamous or notorious.
"He who portrays examples of disinterestedness and intrepidity, confers on virtue the notoriety and homage that are due to it, and rouses in the spectators, the spirit of salutary emulation."

An English to French dictionary gives the following translation:
Notorious (adj) célèbre (connu, notoire) Famous, (known, notable)
Notorious (adj) fameux (ayant bonne réputation) Famous (having a good reputation)

So who the hell is right?

I once argued with a girlfriend that the right word for sacrificing was sacrifying... because the French for To Sacrifice is Sacrifier. I think we broke up very shortly after that.

On another occasion, speaking to my French niece, instead of "C'est efficace" I said: "C'est efficient!" truly believing that there was such a word in French!

The only time I'm confortable with these mistakes is when I speak to my Algerian or French friends in this country. We gladly glide over the semantics and use the first word that comes to mind without fear of being laughed at.

Après tout, we are all in the same bateau!!


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