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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What's more important?

To the guy on the left, losing the trousers at poker seems to have been less important than losing the hat!?

If you began playing strip poker with your life, what would you discard first and what would you keep till last?

What is left when you stick your life in a sieve, what would remain at the end? Friends, family, memories, dignity, regrets...?

The first thing I would discard would be my vanity...
Then the rest would follow very easily...


Blogger Guyana-Gyal said...

I would discard my fear of death brrrrrrrrrrr...aaaaaaa...

And regrets too, I have a few, not many, but I would discard those.

And all the old junk I collect. I'd dump it. With great difficulty, but I'd dump it.

6/10/05 12:12 AM  
Blogger cream said...

Oh, junk, GG!
I happen to be a serial hoarder...I still have some textbooks from boarding school! But nowadays, I do clear my cupboards every now and then.

Fear of death? Not really! As long as it is swift, or during my sleep...

6/10/05 12:31 AM  
Blogger DCveR said...

You know, that is one game I could never play. Even my regrets are to be kept. Even my errors and mistakes. Even the bad memories. I feel if it weren't for all the good and bad moments plus all my idiosyncrasies I would not be the man I am today.
Sometimes is in hardship or facing our fears we grow. Adding to this dignity, honor, loyalty and all other good things one could think of risking last are simply not to be gambled. Gosh! I sound like my late grandpa��

7/10/05 12:21 AM  
Blogger cream said...

dcver, you are right!
At the end of the day, all of it is the stuff of our life!
I think that what remains after a person is stripped bare is what has made that person throughout their life. A leopard doesn't change his spots.
I am a grandpa and I ramble on...

7/10/05 9:12 AM  
Blogger Guyana-Gyal said...

Now Dcver has me thinking another way. But I'd still like to discard the fear of death. Ohhh, you don't know the terrible things my brothers told me would happen.

Serial hoarder, Cream?

7/10/05 12:57 PM  
Blogger cream said...

Oh, yes! But not so much nowadays, really!
I keep stuff that brings back good memories... I have had a dried up Edelweiss since 1973. An Austrian penpal sent me it.
Papa still hoards broken watches just in case he needs parts to repair others... ??

7/10/05 8:15 PM  

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