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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Two pints of Christmas Spirit, please...

For us in the restaurant business, Christmas starts in July when the menus are ready and sent to our customers.

At home, Christmas is a time when Karen comes to her own and really shows her true colours.

After our 25 years of marriage, I have at last come to understand the magical effect that Christmas has on my wife.
If she says that this year's tree lights have to be red, a bolt of lightning strikes me on the head and I suddenly become a believer.
I now trust her judgment as Gospel.

"She wants them red, let the bugger have them red!

"The kids quietly smile at their mother's whims but will not openly dare air their views in front of her until she is a little tipsy.
They will play along just to humour her, but then the next year, their own Christmas lights will be exactly the same red and so will their wrapping paper, nametags and candles.

After a few cups of Christmas spirit, they finally find the courage to comment on the seventeen or eighteen different vegetables served at lunch.
Karen never fails to buy a new set of serving dishes just to accommodate the greens, oranges and whites.

"Don't you dare put the green beans next to the mange-touts!"
"What's that vegetable, Mother?"
"I don't know, mind your own business!
Anyway, I just bought it because I needed something yellow.

When she finally sits down for lunch, she will play around with a lone Brussels sprout.
She will look around the table and a contented smile will relax her hassled face as the kids and grandkids heartily tuck in.

One week after Christmas, Karen will furtively dispose of that once beautiful Marks and Spencer's exotic stuffing with prunes and apricots and God knows what else. Mini pastries, REAL mince pies, fresh cranberry sauce and so on and so forth...

At least a few tenners' worth of food she'll have forgotten to dish out on Christmas Day!
She will swear to cut down next year.

Yeah, right!...

So, what do you have for Christmas Lunch and how well organised are you?

What colour is your theme, this year?


Blogger DCveR said...

I'm too busy coloring easter eggs to think about Xmas!!! :P
No, really, how can someone think about Christmas now? We're starting to make our lists and hopefully I'll be buying most of the presents before going on holiday, but that is that. And only because we hate shopping through the crowd.

19/10/05 10:45 PM  
Blogger cream said...

Everything Christmassy is out in the UK! I think they started back in September!
I only have one person to buy for: Karen... She buys for everyone else! Can imagine the number of orgasms?
I have a mobile jeweller (kosher!) who pops in to the office mid-December. It is even better than shopping online!
The Xmas card is what takes the longest to choose...and the wee daft things that accompany the main present!
Hard work! For a non-religious guy from a muslim country, I love Christmas Day with the family...

20/10/05 12:14 AM  
Blogger Guyana-Gyal said...

I think Karen has fun! She reminds me of a woman I met in Jamaica...around Christmas her home is a joyful place, everything so perfect, the food, the colours...the details do make a difference.

Does anyone 'do' Christmas in Algeria?

20/10/05 1:34 PM  
Blogger cream said...

No, not anymore I think... It used to be celebrated when the French were there.
Always remember snowy ones around the wood fire on the farm.
My mother with a chocolate log and a few presents.
Here in the UK, we do have a great Christmas day with the family and lots of wine.
Shame that sometimes people forget the meaning of it and just go all commercial.
The restaurant business benefits from it like any other business so I shouldn't criticize too much!
I just like the atmosphere!

20/10/05 5:28 PM  
Blogger Green Glass Beads said...

Your wife is a wonderful woman.
And I still canĀ“t sleep before Christmas cos I get so excited!

21/10/05 10:13 PM  
Blogger cream said...

GGB, she definitely is!
I love Christmas Eve...Always closed restaurants that night. Order a takeaway for the whole family, beer and wine and the bringing of presents to stick under the tree... What a feeling! So much excitement!

21/10/05 10:54 PM  

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