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Sunday, September 11, 2005

A New Political Party..

When Karen decides to redecorate our house, this has the same drastic effect as a new political party coming to power. Nothing escapes the new colour scheme. Over the years I have had to get used to a new colour toothbrush every time the bathroom is given a facelift. As for my underpants, despite my vehement protests and tearful pleas, I am forcefully invited to accept the new colours.

Once the decorating is over, I have to get used to the new pillow arrangement on our bed. I had just about cracked the code for the last one.
Every afternoon after my short siesta, I carefully unfold the blueprint and follow precise instructions to carefully replace the dozen or so pillows back to their rightful position. The large square one at the top, resting at just 45o against the headboard, then the next one and the next one finishing off the display with the tiny one which, thanks to a bit of sentimental value, has survived several upheavals. This exercise usually takes as long as the siesta itself although not as relaxing.
One of these days, in a very controlled rage, I might simply open the bedroom window and perform a bout of freelance cushion scattering on the front lawn.


Blogger Guyana-Gyal said...

Haha, I have a friend whose husband did that to her stuffed toys. Yes, stuffed toys, taking up space on their bed. In a fit he flung them out.

12/9/05 4:34 AM  
Blogger cream said...

Hi, guyana-gyal,
I know that sometimes I seethe inside but would never do it!
As soon as I leave the house for work, Karen goes up and rearranges everything, anyway!
So, no complaints here!
More of Karen's idiosyncracies coming soon...

12/9/05 11:58 AM  
Blogger DCveR said...

Try taking a picture, may be easier to set things back how they were.

12/9/05 2:35 PM  
Blogger cream said...

For a few minutes I truly wondered what you were on about and then I twigged on...What a fantastic idea!
Just discovered another use for my mobile phone!
Obrigado, Monsieur!

12/9/05 6:26 PM  
Blogger Guyana-Gyal said...

This is ridiculous and
hilarious :-D

12/9/05 7:52 PM  
Blogger DCveR said...

Wasn't that the reason why they got cameras on cell phones in the first place? ;)
De nada, cher ami.

12/9/05 8:17 PM  

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