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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I love you not...

I love you not because I need your love,
I love you because I love being in love with you.
I love just dreaming of you, thinking of you,
And thinking of you is like a beautiful dream,
The memory of my best childhood holiday,
The sound of a song I shall never forget.

Your eyes are like a featherweight caress,
Your smile, a handful of confetti,
Your voice, the joyful echo of exotic surf.

My love is a runaway train unafraid of crashing,
It is a carefree gazelle strolling among lions,
A barefoot walk in the coldest snow.
Yet, it feels like a gulp of fresh air,
A flutter of butterfly wings inside my heart,
A wingless flight at dusk over the city.

I love you not because I need your love.
I love you because when I do
I truly touch Love.
Only then I know I am alive.


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Blogger Green Glass Beads said...

You are quite correct. I did like this poem. Thank you. I think I will add my poem to my page which you can browse at your leisure.
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